iMake has over 30 years of experience in many varied roles and across several industries. During these years, he has been in the Retail sector, Business Administration and Management and has operated his own business for over 15 years.

"Being introduced to the training industry (some 10+ years ago) kindled a fire of passion," says iMake Academy, "and that drives us to deliver services and training that are the best they can be." Being able to give back to the community via compliance, continuous improvement, training and up skilling employees is what motives us to succeed.

iMake's passion comes across in their approach to the VET sector, RTO operations and training sessions, as iMake tailors the services or training fit, not just the relevant industry, but also the individual business or student - while endeavouring to help each and every client and

student operating within or learn the concepts business or study.

iMake Academy of Training, has a vast and valuable experience base, utilising extensive knowledge and experience in

compliance, in all areas of RTO operation and training delivery. As clients come from a wide and varied background,

performing at their best and having fun while maintaining compliance and professionalism assists everybody to work

together and to achieve their best at all times. To find their own 'iMake!'

From Training and Assessment Strategies (TAS), to Assessment and Trainer Guides, to Mapping and training delivery,

iMake Academy of Training Pty Ltd has a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Jonathan (the CEO) has qualifications achieved over years of working in and operating RTO's throughout the VET sector and include:

Diploma of TAE

Diploma of WHS

Diploma of Quality Auditing

Diploma of Competitive Systems

Diploma of Management

A number of Certificate IV and III in various industries as well.

iMake Academy of Training looks forward to helping your RTO either become a reality or operate well into the future!