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As Owners of iMake Academy and proud Grandparents to identical twin girls, we were awe inspired, that they demonstrated a difference in preference.


Immediately discerning, the common denominator is the reactive thinking and their ability to be compelled to create, as they emphatically state


I Make...


Whether it be Play-dough, Drawing or Colouring it envelops them into a whole new world of possibilities.


 Their imagination drives them...


They want to experience and learn as much as they can... no matter what it takes!


They crave knowledge to learn new skills... 


As adults, how can we Awaken the child within us?

Taking the simple Philosophy demonstrated by our grandchildren, we apply that to our services we offer.

We endeavour to have each one of

our students learn about their life and surroundings; this also includes our clients, in turn they will keep using them well into their future!


Not accepting Second Best... but pushing forward ...


iMake Academy of Training

coupled with our values accept nothing but the Best.


Through Focus, Achievement, Confidence and Teamwork, each of our students and clients  will, like our grandchildren be able to


'iMake..." their future!


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