Professional Development can be difficult to organise... what to do during Professional Development... will the staff benefit from it... will it be sufficient... will it be compliant?


These questions are more probably go through your mind and those in your organisation when the question of Professional Development comes up.


Now there is a solution!


iMake Academy of Training can assess, discuss, and recommend a Professional Development program for you, your RTO, and staff that will not only be compliant and fit the criteria for professional development, it will be fun but more impoertantly informative!


PD Consultation and Event Management

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  • Professional Development and event Management:


    Includes the following:


    • Consultation to ensure that Professional Development is right for the audience involved
    • Relevant and informative
    • Industry Consultation
    • Industry Experts
    • Real team building exercises
  • Our Cost as advertised, does not include the cost of speakers, food and beverages, venue costs, resources, printing etc.


    Our Cost as advertised, is subject to change without warning. Any quote given, is valid for 30 days from the date of the quotation.


    Pricing is subject to change, and covers the following areas:

    - Meetings attended to organise Professional Development

    - Obtaning of subject matters to be discussed

    - Industry experts (if required)

    - Other details as outlined


    Terms and conditiions apply including payment options etc.


    All prices Quoted are Plus GST.

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