RTO Consulting - RTO Setup


If you require the setup of a RTO including the policies and procedures, forms, student handbooks, TAS's, Resources etc., we can help you to setup a RTO for yourself. No previous knowledge about RTO's required by you... simply an idea... the rest can be left up to us!


This process can take a lot of time, especially if you are having to re-create the 'wheel'...


We have all the documentation required so that you can go through audit with the ASQA auditors as smooth as possible.


'More Details to follow shortly' we are currently improving our promotional materials.

RTO Consulting - RTO Setup

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  • Setup of the following in preparation for Audit to be registered as a RTO.


    Setup includes the following:

    - Paperwork

    - Policies and Procedures

    - TAS Development

    - Trainer Matrix

    - Industry Validation

    To mention a few...

  • Plese give us a call or email us to discuss details for RTO setup. Pricing is determined by qualifications to be applied for and other details pertaining to location etc.


    Pricing given will be outlined, before work commences to create your RTO.


    Agreement must be signed and received back to us before work commences.

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