Soft Skills Training is designed to help all students learn some basic skills in order for them be more employable, as well as learn some life skills which are designed to help students learn skills that perhaps they would ordinarily not be able to obtain from else where.


These sessions normally go for approx 4-6 weeks depending on Group sizes and the level of students being trained.


See below for Brief Course Outline!


Soft Skills Training Areas
Non-Accredited Courses
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Basic Customer Service

In Basic Customers Service - a student will cover the "Best Practice" for dealing with customers and what to do to ensure that the customer has a pleasant buying experience!

Basic Typing Skills

Basic Typing Skills, is a comprehensive course to ensure that you are able to use a computer and know your away around the keyobard. Tpying and Keyboard skills are important!

Resume Writing and Interview Techniques

Resume Writing and Interview Techniques and some of the basic items that need to be right to get that interview. We look at various methods and templates to maximise your chances!

How to Deal with Customers and Build Rapport

Once you have the job, being able to handle a customer, ongoing and repeat relationships with a customer are extremely important. In this section we explore how this can be done!

Advanced Interview Techniques and At the Interview

Advanced Interview techniques covers areas such as interview the interviewer, dress codes at an interview, what to say and what not to say! To give you the best opportunity!

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Registered NDIS Provider